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4.2 Or Is It Disjunction: v

Besides &, or conjunction, we also need a symbol for "or". For that we'll use the lower case letter "v", called disjunction, wedge, or just or.

Or, disjunction, wedge, v: works just like &

In this section we only give you one tip, and you have to figure out the rest.

Here's the tip: v works just like &.

Disjunction and conjunction can work together. You just have to be careful about grouping.

Disjunction is a connective, just like &, and it always connects two sentences. Of course, they don't have to be different sentences.

Those sentences are odd to say, but they are still grammatically correct.

Since v is called disjunction, the sentences connected with v are called disjuncts.

In the example above, the parentheses are not parts of the disjuncts.

Disjunct: a sentence in a disjunction. Conjunct: a sentence in a conjunction.

But parentheses are part of the complex sentence they make, which might be a disjunct or conjunct in the bigger sentence.

4.2 Or is it disjunction: v