Active Learning Takes Logic to a New Level

Practice Problems

Students don't read over our textbook, they interact with it. Every chapter has dozens of practice problems that students must complete as they work through the material. 

These problems are "no stakes"; they are not worth points and don't cause an additional grading burden for you.

What they do is engage students in problem-solving in a safe-to-fail environment and provide constant sources of feedback for students.

Like every feature of our textbook, "no-stakes" practice is based on empirically supported pedagogy.

Homework Exercises

At the end of each chapter is the set of homework exercises. They are worth points, but they are "low stakes", meaning students can complete them as many times as they wish and just the highest score is counted.

The homework problems can be customized by the instructor or even altered each time you teach the course, to discourage cheating.

Managing grades for the homework is easy: you can download csv files and change weightings if you wish in an easy-to-use electronic format.

More Chapters

Our textbook has over 30 chapters, which is more than typical for a semester-long logic text. That makes it easier for instructors to teach at their own pace, averaging two chapters per week.

It also makes it easier for students to start their homework early, since they encounter the homework problems for each chapter as they complete it.