Zero Grading!

We have created a method for teaching logic that allows you to set your homework as automatically graded quizzes in your school's learning management system (LMS), whether it is Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard or other.

That means that there is literally no grading, not even dealing with grade reports to transfer into your LMS grade book!

Doesn't creating LMS quizzes take time?

Yes and no. Like many class resources, it can take time to develop them originally, but after you've created them it only takes a click of a button to transfer them to your next class. You can then make whatever modifications you'd like so that your problem sets are slightly different every semester.

But it doesn't even take as much time as you think to develop them the first time: if you use Canvas, we have uploaded a full version of problem sets and exams to the Canvas Creative Commons, which you can import into your course. If  you use Moodle or Blackboard, you can accomplish the exact same thing by uploading CSV files that we provide for you.

Switching to our LMS quiz approach is quite easy, and after you try it, you'll see how fantastic this solution is to eliminating grading!

Back-End Access to Student Progress

Even though standard homework problem sets are done in your LMS, there are still several ways you can use the textbook for student assessment if you wish.

When students purchase the textbook, they are automatically placed in your group on our website. That allows you to run reports (downloadable as CSV) on students' progress in the textbook, amount of time they have spent on the site, etc. Our system quantifies student progress for you, if you wish to use it for an assignment or extra credit.

The textbook also includes an annotation/note-taking feature, that allows students to take notes on each section of the text. In your instructor dashboard you have access to all of your students' notes. Instructors can use this interactivity in many ways. For example, you can have your students to write "help" in sections that they need to most help with, and by running a search in your dashboard you can see exactly which sections, and how many students, need the most help on them.

Alternatively, you could arrange so that students can also see each others notes, which allows you to use notes as a group-annotation tool! We also have a second tool you can use for peer learning: we can enable discussion board threads right in the textbook for just your students, which allows them to ask and answer questions for each other.

How much time you spend interacting with students in the textbook, though, is completely up to you and your time constraints. With no time wasted on grading, you can use your time for teaching instead!

We Support Graders and TAs too!

If you have help on your courses in the form of TAs or graders, we fully support them as well. We provide free access to the textbook and whatever back-end privileges that you specify. Since they don't have to waste time getting burned out on grading,  you can use TAs and graders for collaborative online learning via the textbook!