Direct upload is here

Our software allows you to directly upload student grades to your university's learning management system (LMS) such as Canvas, Moodle, or Blackboard. 

If you have a small class, then manually managing grades is not a big deal. But if you teach hundreds of students, then direct upload is a huge help.

We use a guided registration process that collects all your students directly under your instructor account when they purchase the textbook (also allowing for TAs and graders). That process aligns their textbook accounts with their accounts on your university's LMS.

 Four step process

Step 1: In order to process student grades, you first download a CSV file with student scores for that assignment from within your dashboard on our site.

Step 2: That file will have a separate column for each exercise in the assignment. You then use Excel or another spreadsheet program to sum those values (or weight them however you wish).

Step 3: Next, convert that column into a raw value that you want to upload, and delete all the other columns.

Step 4: Name that column as you want it to appear and upload the file to the gradebook in your LMS.

Don't worry if that sounds complicated. We have a video walking you through these steps within the instructor dashboard, or you can just manage grades manually.