A Better Way

Traditional logic texts are too expensive, abstract, and boring. Students don't learn logic by reading pages of text; they learn logic from lots of practice and immediate feedback. This textbook takes a problem-solving approach, showing students the importance of logic to questions in philosophy, psychology, law, math, and computer science.

Saves money. Students shouldn't pay high prices for outdated software and passive instruction.
Saves hassle. Fully web based. No downloads or updates. Mobile integrated for daily practice.
Saves time. 100% computer-graded so you and your TAs can spend time on what matters: teaching.

“The online textbook was EXTREMELY helpful. I loved how it kept me engaged and really helped me learn the material.”

“The interactive textbook has to be my favorite part of this class. It was so helpful and engaging—there were times I looked forward to doing the reading. Concepts were very well explained in the textbook and if I didn’t understand there were plenty of examples to practice and further my understanding.”

“The online textbook is WONDERFUL and might be one of my favorite textbooks I’ve used in my time at college. It is extremely comprehensive and nicely lays out everything you need to know right where you need it.”