The Logic Course Adventure featured in

Trends and Issues in Higher Education, UW

"Alex Saveau read the e-book on the go on his phone, sometimes on the way to a part-time job – and found the seemingly endless number of problems captivating."

“What really makes a difference is that you can engage with the textbook,” Saveau said. “For other classes, I find myself fighting to not drift off into a daydream while reading the textbook.”

Textbook Author Ian Schnee featured by UW IT for innovations in technology and pedagogy

When Technology Engages the Mind, UW IT

"Step into one of Ian Schnee’s large introductory philosophy lectures, and you might think no one’s in charge. Laptops are open, cell phones are readily in hand, and 200 students break into dozens of small groups that quickly erupt into lively discussions."

“The room vibrates with a palpable energy that Schnee relishes and encourages — knowing that having students talk to each other about what makes a good or bad philosophical argument solidifies their learning.”

In part for his work on the Logic Course Adventure

Ian Schnee wins the UW Distinguished Teaching Award in 2020

"Shortly after joining the philosophy faculty in 2015, Ian joined the Evidence-Based Teaching (EBT) Pilot Program. By 2017, Ian became one of the leaders in the program and helped transition it from a pilot program to a permanent program within the UW Center for Teaching and Learning."

"Colleagues of Ian attest to his passion for student learning and using effective research-based approaches. One comments, 'Ian was not just exceptionally knowledgeable in evidence-informed pedagogies but he was an enthusiast in the use of technologies to create inclusive learning environments and enhance students’ higher-order thinking.'"